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Petteri Kamppuri, born 29.9.1979.

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FinnishMother tongue, strong writing skills

Work experience

11/2003- Full time and, at first, part time work as software designer at Marko Karppinen & Co. LLC. Programming for Mac OS X and iPhone with Objective-C using Cocoa frameworks.
8/2002-11/2003 Part time and full time work at Noval Networks as systems specialist. Work tasks included programming with Perl, shell scrips, Java, and C. Sales-oriented meetings with customers were an essential part of the job. Networking equipment (routers, switches) became very familiar.
2/2000-8/2002 Part time and full time work at Enlightment Entertainment as software designer. Work tasks included Java server side and client side programming, and Win32 C++ programming with networking, databases and concurrency issues, including the networking implementation of two online games. Much work on documentation: requirements, program design and source code documentation.
Summers 1997 and 1999 Microcomputer support person at VTT Automation. Handled the installation of new computers and provided users with support for Windows 95/98 and NT, MS Office and other applications.


Spring 2005 Graduated as Bachelor of Science from University of Helsinki, deparment of Computer Science.
2002- Started minor in software business at Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration and Helsinki University of Technology.
Spring 2001 A four month, six credit units software engineering project called Venice on UML visualization. The project was done at Nokia Research Center.
1998- Started studies at University of Helsinki, deparment of Computer Science. Current status: 146 credit units. Aiming for M.Sc.
1998 Graduated from Olari high school.


2004 President, Finnish Macintosh User Group fiMUG ry.
2000-2003 Vice president, Finnish Macintosh User Group fiMUG ry.
1998- Freeware author. Developed and maintained three separate software products. Also customer email support.
1997- Administrator of fiMUG's BBS system, AppleGarden on a volunteer basis. Work has included all kinds of tasks from customer service (answering the questions of users) to maintaining the servers and developing custom software for various needs. One major project has been implementing much of, database-backed home page for fiMUG.

Skills and special interests

Items in the list are in no particular order.

  • C
    Eleven years of programming experience. Thorough knowledge of language facilities.
  • Objective-C
    Five years of programming experience. Very good knowledge of language features, including Objective-C 2.0.
  • Cocoa
    Five years of programming experience with Apple's Cocoa frameworks. Experience with almost all parts of the framework.
  • iPhone OS
    Six months of programming experience with iPhone OS frameworks. Experience with many different parts of the framework.
  • C++
    Seven years of programming experience. Solid knowledge of language features and facilities, including some STL. Interested and knowledge and experience in object oriented programming and design in general.
  • Java
    Eight years of programming experience. Good knowledge in language characteristics and utilities. Practical use of Java in many kinds of environments: server-side, databases, applets, graphics and networking.
  • SQL
    Experience in SQL queries in real world applications. Understanding of mathematic principles behind relational databases. Some familiarity with Oracle, MySQL and Sybase.
  • UML
    Five years of experience in basic UML modeling techniques.
  • Win32 API
    About a year of programming with Win32 API. Knowledge of basic windowing and controls stuff, concurrency handling, ADO database connections, network programming with TCP/IP and UDP and more.
    Basic knowledge in programming with the POSIX and UNIX APIs. Familiarity with pthreads and BSD sockets. Good understanding of the UNIX operating system fundamentals.
  • HTML
    Good knowledge and understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • XML
    Good knowledge of XML markup, DTD, XSLT and FO.
  • Perl
    Experience in normal text processing, regexps, CGI scripts and other Perl features.
  • PHP
    Two years of PHP web programming experience with database connections.
  • Web programming
    Seven of years of web programming experience. Understanding of the security issues involved. Implementations done with PHP, Java and Visual Basic.
  • OpenGL
    Some experience in OpenGL programming and understanding of the principles behind the graphics library.
  • Networking
    Good knowledge of TCP and UDP with a lot of practical experience.

Military service

1999Served 180 day military service. Military rank: private.

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