Rahastot 1.2

Seligson & Co fund values easily on your iPhone and iPad.

Fund Values in an Easy Form

Rahastot makes it easy to check the values of Seligson & Co funds.

The program fetches information from the Seligson & Co:n web pages.

Portrait List

Button at the upper left corner is a refresh button to reload data from the Internet. In the upper right corner is the Info button which takes you to information about the program and instructions.

Also for iPad

Different portrait and landscape views on the iPad help you focus on all funds in general or the history of a single fund.

iPad Portrait iPad Landscape

Multiple Views

By rotating the device you see the fund list in a different format. And by rotating to a third orientation you see graphs. Swipe to change graph page.

Landscape Graph Landscape List

More Detailed Information

In graph view hold down your finger to see value for a specific date.

Use two fingers to select a date range, which you can zoom in on. This way you can examine performance on a more detailed level.

Show Specific Date

Show Date Range

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Email: petteri.kamppuri@fimug.fi. Thanks for your feedback!