SpellbookMaster for iOS - Release Notes

Whatís new in 2.0

Released on Jan 16th 2016.

  • Fixed Pathfinder reference spells import. Source file had moved to a different location.
  • Added support for larger iPhone and iPad screens, and iPad split screen multitasking.
  • Modernized look and app internals.
  • iOS 9.1 is now the required minimum version.
  • Small fixes to parsing spells. You might want to reimport reference spells. Please let me know if there are any problems importing text files.
  • Please send any feedback to petteri.kamppuri@me.com or using Twitter to @spellbookmaster.

Whatís new in 1.5

Released on Jun 6th 2011.

  • Added support for HTML formatting which gives d20 and Patfinder SRD spells nicely formatted tables. Please re-import spells to get the new formatting.
  • Fixed Pathfinder parsing after format changed on server.
  • Fixed minor issues in d20 SRD spell importing.
  • Misc. minor improvements and fixes.

Whatís new in 1.4

Submitted to the App Store on Jan 3rd 2011.

  • Support for iPad.

Whatís new in 1.3

Submitted to the App Store on Aug 29th 2010.

  • Pathfinder support, including reference spells import.
  • Ability share your spellbooks to others using the iPhone app.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Whatís new in 1.2

Submitted to the App Store on Nov 30th 2009.

  • Ability to import spells as text files from the Internet.
  • Searching.
  • Handling of paragraph breaks in imported spell descriptions. Please re-import d20 SRD spells.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Whatís new in 1.1

Submitted to the App Store on January 2nd 2009.

  • Spell list shows spell's class and level in addition to name.
  • Color coded app tabs (Spells, Schools, Levels and Classes) for ease of use.
  • Added switch to toggle between sorting spells by name or by level in class view. This feature helps when you want to see, for example, all Cleric spells of 5th level.
  • Fixed issue where previous spell might be briefly visible when viewing info for a spell.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.