Petteri Kamppuri

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Lead Developer with 20 years of experience

I am an experienced and passionate developer and team lead with over 20 years of experience. I have done in-house product development and consulting for big and small projects and companies. Driving towards business results motivates me.

I am a fullstack developer with a wide experience in many technologies and platforms. My strongest suite is mobile development with over 10 years of iOS experience and more than 5 years of Android experience. I have also solid experience of the web and Mac in addition to servers, cloud environments and systems integrations.

I view team well-being as an important productivity factor, and I work on team well-being and team development in projects.

Top Skills: iOS, Android, mobile, native, fullstack

Work Experience

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Lead Developer

Reaktor Innovations

Nov 2018 - Present

Reaktor is a truly unique place. I’ve had a lot of opportunities for learning new and expanding what I do. I’ve also met a whole lot of wonderful people.

I’ve been developing a world-class health sector mobile app for iOS and Android for a client. Technologies used have been Swift, Kotlin, Reactive Extensions (Rx), Node.js, Express and AWS.

I’m also a Reaktor Certified Team Builder, and I’ve helped teams gel together and improve their ways of working.

Keywords: iOS, Android, Swift, Kotlin, Rx, Reactive Extensions, FRP, native, mobile, fullstack, React, TypeScript, Node.js, SQL, Docker, AWS, CI, CD, Team Building, Teamwork
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Lead Developer


Sep 2013 - Oct 2018, 5 years 2 months

A great experience which taught me a lot about architecture, CI, servers and microservices, and moving towards the future with restrictions of legacy, always finding ways forward.

I was the lead developer of Richie’s digital publishing iOS app platform, products and SDKs, and also helped with the Android version. I helped SDK customers with technical integration and possibilities of app platform and SDK products. In addition to product development, I did iOS and Mac development consulting for big and small projects and clients.

As a lead developer I improved Richie’s CI, CD, automated testing practices, code quality and architecture designs. I also planned and designed projects, architectures, systems and products.

Keywords: iOS, Android, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, native, mobile, macOS, C++, JavaScript, SDK, Git, GitHub, CircleCI, Fastlane, CI, CD, Testing

Lead Cocoa Developer

Marko Karppinen & Co.

Nov 2003 - Aug 2013, 9 years 10 months

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do consumer Mac app development for multiple years, and learn all about Mac, and jump to iOS and learn all about it.

I was part of team creating a pretty big consumer app for the Mac with a lot of functionality under the hood, including file management, device communiation using USB and Bluetooth and a rich UI.

When iPhone came along, we jumped right into iOS consulting for multiple clients and I think I did a pretty good job at that as well.

Employment carried over to Richie.

Keywords: iOS, iPhone, iPad, macOS, native, Objective-C

Systems specialist

Noval Networks

Aug 2002 - Nov 2003, 1 year 4 months

A great experience where I learnt a lot from a driven entrepeneur. Sales-orientation and helping customers were an essential part of the job.

I continued developed and improved the architecture of a networking monitoring tool, integrating various Linux tools and added custom logic with Perl, shell scrips, Java, and C. I got to learn and become very familiar with IP networking and equipment (routers, switches).

Keywords: Perl, Bash, Java, C, networking, Cisco, TCP/IP

Software Designer

Enlightment Entertainment

Feb 2000 - Aug 2002, 2 years 7 months

My first programming job. Gave me much, including a lot of great friends!

I did Java server-side and client-side programming, Win32 C++ programming with networking, databases and concurrency, including the networking implementation of two online games. Much work on documentation: requirements, program design and source code documentation.

Keywords: Win32, Windows, C++, Java, networking, protocols